As a matter of fact, I was amazed when I was contacted to write an article on How to Get Free Work Boots. Is it possible to get shoes for free? Actually Yes, there are a lot of companies that give away free shoes on a regular basis for the purpose of testing their products.

Based on my research, I discovered that shoe companies, especially athletic shoe manufacturers, offer free pairs of footwear if people sign up to be product testers for their brand.


Unfortunately, after extensive research, I have been able to locate only one brand from which you can receive free work boots. It’s mainly because they’re looking for individuals who will try on their boots, and give feedback on whether the work boots are comfortable, look good and perform well, etc.
However, depending on where you live, you may be able to get free athletics, work, or other types of footwear from the following companies:

● New Balance
● Red Wing Shoes
● Under Armour
● Columbia
● Nike
● Reebok
● Brooks

Nearly all of the above names are well known for their athletic shoes, as you probably know. Therefore, it is obvious you will receive casual or athletic shoes from them, not work boots. However, Red Wing Shoes is the one that can provide you with free work boots if you test their shoes for a specific time and write a review on the pair according to the rules and parameters set by the brand.

Red Wing Shoes

The Red Wing Shoes can be an excellent option for anyone who is looking for work boots, depending on your location. The company is also frequently interested in finding product testers for the work boots they sell so that they can improve their product line.

Currently, the company is operating two manufacturing plants, one in Red Wing, Minnesota, and another one in San Jose, California, where prototype testing is conducted by the company. It is imperative to note that the applicant must reside within a radius of 60 miles of one of these manufacturing plants in order to be considered as a tester of their product.

As soon as the product testers are eligible to test the boots, they will begin receiving the boots that they will test at work to evaluate if they will stand up well and if they provide a good level of comfort, etc.
There is a specified period of time after which the boots will be returned to the manufacturer for examination. The key thing for you to remember when testing a product is to deliver clear and comprehensive remarks after testing.

Red Wing Shoes does not require customers to pay any delivery charges, and testers who provide quality feedback are also compensated for their time and effort in testing the product. In most cases, the company will send the boots that you tested back to you as a reward.
It is imperative to note that this brand only accepts participants who fit into selected shoe sizes. It is worth mentioning that at the time of this writing, women’s sizes 8M and 10M and men’s sizes 9M, 11M, and 13M are included.

A clear statement on the company’s website states that they are currently testing only the sizes shown on their website, which means that this is a mandatory requirement for the testers who will be testing these products.

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Best Waterproof Work Boots

How to Get Free Work Boots from Different Brands?

You just have to visit their website and sign up as a tester. You just have to fill out a form online, that is all. Afterward, you will receive mail or be contacted by the brand. There is no one set rule for participating as a product tester. Each company has its own rules.

There is a possibility that you will be permitted to keep the shoes that you test, provided you submit your feedback based on the parameters specified by the company. As an alternative, you can also expect some companies to ask you to send back the shoes so that researchers can analyze them.

Despite being asked to return the shoes; it may be possible that the company will retain them for an indefinite period of time. Otherwise, they will send them back to you as soon as the analysis of them is complete, so you can keep them.

Some companies may ask you to share your feedback with them in exchange for them sending you items that you can keep for yourself as a part of their incentive program for doing so. The gift can be in the form of a brand-new pair of shoes or a gift card for example.

In any case, if you decide to take part in one or more of these programs, you will be able to significantly reduce the amount of money you spend on boots, so it may be a beneficial investment for you.

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Tips and Recommendations

It is extremely important to read the fine print carefully on all of the different websites that request product testers to try out shoes and other items. The reason behind this is there can be some unusual and strict rules that you may not like. For example, if a brand is asking for delivery costs as well as you have to send back the shoes, even if you are writing a review for them. Also, it is possible they demand only a positive review from you.

To ensure that the product testing is accurate and beneficial to the company’s Research and Development division, it is extremely important that the company follows the specific test center rules so that the tests can be conducted according to those rules.
So, you should always be aware of what the company expects of you before you register to be a product tester for the company.

In this way, you will be able to ensure that you have sufficient time to complete all of the commitments you have with regard to using the boots, providing feedback on how the shoes have performed, and sending the shoes back to the manufacturer for analysis (before the deadline) if required.

Some additional ways

There are several ways to potentially get free work boots:

  1. Check with your employer: Some employers provide their employees with work boots as part of their job requirements. Ask your employer if they offer this benefit.
  2. Contact a charitable organization: There are charitable organizations that provide free work boots to individuals who are in need. Look for organizations in your area that offer assistance with work-related items.
  3. Search for giveaways or contests: Keep an eye out for companies or organizations that may be running giveaways or contests that offer work boots as prizes.
  4. Look for freebie websites: There are websites that offer free samples and products, including work boots. Keep an eye out for these types of websites and sign up for any relevant offers.
  5. Ask friends and family: If you know anyone who works in construction, manufacturing, or another industry that requires work boots, ask if they have any extra pairs they no longer need or use.

It’s important to note that while there are ways to potentially obtain free work boots, they may not always be available or the best quality. It may be worth investing in a good pair of work boots that will provide proper support and protection for your job.

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